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We offer effective responses to the requirements, needs, concerns and expectations of our customers. Friendliness, understanding, dynamism and the ability to listen, advise and guide keep our customers with us.

We study your brand and the behavior of your consumers, we give you the tools for communication, planning, execution and control, to increase sales in a measurable way.


Do you want your website to create a professional effect?
Our way of working: Careful and innovative design, user-friendly ergonomics, search engine optimization. We also offer hosting in complete confidence and the purchase of your domain name.


The use of printed material allows to have a concrete and direct link with its customers.
ZJ Communications offers a customized service that will reflect your company's vision. Whether it's for the creation of your logo, business cards, a brochure or any other product, our team of graphic designers will meet the challenge and fulfill your expectations.


Branding to make your company's personality known on social or other media. It is the way to present yourself to a potential client not only in image, but also in a language adequate to achieve specific business objectives. Optimize with us the management of your brand with a simple and powerful interactive solution.


You have a website, social media and all the tools in place, but you don't get the results you're looking for? Our experience allows us to look serenely at each of the questions that preoccupy you, to accompany you in the solutions that we can find together. We will be there to accompany you and guide you to autonomy.

OTHER services

Turnkey service

We can therefore take charge of your advertising campaign from A to Z, from the creation of the visual to its distribution, including printing. Our team will make sure that everything runs smoothly to ensure effective results for your project.


With a bubbling spirit and a steady hand to bring ideas to life with a good stroke of the pencil and an assertive style, I can bring your stories to life with watercolors, colored pencils and other materials.

Social media

Creation of planning tools for your social networks to help you beyond the organization, find new content relevant to all audiences while supporting the objectives of any brand campaign.


Since the emergence of social networks, the attention paid to your image has become very important. So why not a professional photo shoot and a personalized concept for your website and profile like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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